From this week, the NHS is sending more than two million people an invite to take part in the GP Patient Survey.

If you haven’t received a letter but would like to leave feedback on your GP, you can do so on our site. Just find your practice using the search bar and leave a comment.

The survey provides information about the ho people interact with their GPs and how good that experience is. It plays a key role in understanding what’s working and what needs to improve. The survey invites a sample of people aged 16 and over from over 7000 practices across England to take part. They can complete it – by post or online – until the end of March. There is a range of options to make it more inclusive for people who need support to help them take part.

Olivia Falgayrac-Jones, Director of Commissioning at NHS England for Hampshire and the Thames Valley said:

If you get a survey in January, please take part as it provides vital information to help improve local services and inform national decisions. You can help by encouraging other people you know to complete it, if they’re invited. It is important for GP practices and for the wider NHS to find out what is working well and what needs improvement, so we can ensure that services keep getting better and are meeting the needs of patients.

If the NHS send you a letter, make sure you respond so that your GP knows how to improve it’s services. If they haven’t sent you a letter, the NHS says you can feedback by filling in a Friends and Family Test (FFT) form at their practice.

Published on 11 Jan, 2019 (updated 10 Jul, 2019)

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