This month, we’ve recruited some new volunteers. Heather, Christine, Katie and Kaye. We asked them why they wanted to be volunteers for Healthwatch Bucks.

On the 9th of January, we ran Enter and View and Dignity in Care training for our new volunteers. Emma (Communications and Engagement Lead) and Helen (Project Manager) from Healthwatch Bucks also joined the training.


I stopped working 2 years ago after 30 years working on projects with the NHS. I wanted to volunteer because I felt that I needed to make a contribution to the way services are run locally in my retirement.


I’m currently a social work assistant and have a really big interest in the social care industry. So, I’m always looking for at how social care can be improved. I also like to see how staff can help service users make the most of their life and for them to have as much independence as possible.


I’m very conscious that users of services, especially elderly people, don’t have a voice. Especially in the digital age, many elderly people don’t have access or can no longer use technology, so they don’t have a voice. I just want to help anyone old or young to have a voice so that they can improve the services they use.


I wanted to volunteer because I’ve worked as a nurse and as a healthcare assistant in a residential home. So, my interest has always been in healthcare. And now I’m in a position to hopefully listen and make a difference to people that don’t have a voice. Because more people are going to go into care homes, helping to make sure there is a standard of care, especially for people who don’t have much of a choice of not living there. It’s important that people like us can go in and ensure they are getting the right care.

We also had a great discussion about the benefits of volunteering as an Enter and View Authorised Representative. Among other things, we agreed that getting to tell the public more about their services, being able to give positive feedback to service staff, and giving a voice to the voiceless were all great reason to volunteer.

Well done everyone for completing their training!











Would you like to volunteer for Healthwatch Bucks? Check out our volunteering page to see what opportunities are available.




Published on 9 Jan, 2019 (updated 31 Jul, 2019)

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