Bucks CCG are inviting PPG representatives to their Patient Participation Network.

The network will improve communications between the CCG and Bucks county through PPGs. This will help the CCG engage people in activities and local health services beyond primary care.

The network will also be open to individuals and organisations (i.e. Healthwatch Bucks). This way, the views of different demographics and different parts of the local communities can be represented. However, the network meeting alternates between some north and south Bucks locations, so not everyone is able to attend. Because of this, the Engagement Steering Group has made some decisions:

  • To hold two networks, one in the North and one in the South, each meeting twice a year
  • Each meeting will have the same format but with an option to have a different agenda to reflect more local challenges
  • Both meetings will be open to all PPGs across the county
  • To move the venue around to capture more/different people
  • The times of the meetings will be moved from evening to daytime
  • To hold an annual conference for the whole county

We’ll be releasing more details on the network soon. Sign up to our newsletter to stay updated on the Patient Participation Network.

Published on 27 Dec, 2018 (updated 15 Jan, 2019)

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