Did you see our poll on social media this week? We asked if you would use NHS 111 online, or if you would prefer to use the phone.

A resounding 63% of you said you would be up for this new system. It is currently being trialled in East Berkshire. However, the other 17% have nothing to worry about; you will still be able to call 111 when the new system is up and running.

With the online service, you would answer questions about your symptoms and personal data (like address, age and gender). Then, depending on your answers, you would be advised to see a pharmacist, go to A&E, or schedule for a nurse to call you within 20 minutes.

The hope is that this system would be more efficient at getting people to the most appropriate care for them, as well as taking some pressure off A&E this winter.

This development comes at an opportune time; Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, is making a push for the NHS to become more reliant on technology.

We’ll keep you updated on when the system will go live. We will also be keen to get your feedback on the new system, either by commenting on our site, sending us a message through social media, or calling 0845 260 6216.

Published on 5 Nov, 2018

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