By now, many people living in Buckinghamshire will know that plans are well underway to bring health and social care services closer together.

The plans aim to improve the quality of care in line with the national priorities to achieve better outcomes in primary care, urgent and emergency care, mental health and cancer.

In our previous articles, we have told you about some of the most important changes in the health and care systems including the development of Community Service Hubs and a shared record-keeping system.

The new ways of working also place great importance on meeting the needs of each individual person so that we can all find the help we need. That means providing people in the county with ways to stay well or to live well with a long-term condition.

That’s why those responsible for health services in the county have set up the online Live Well Stay Well service. It’s a free service which suggests ways to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and which offers support to help you find the service that’s right for you.

If you are interested in, or have been advised to lose weight, stop smoking, eat more healthily or be more active, Live Well Stay Well is here to help you make those changes and stick to them.

It is also designed to help you find the support you need to help you cope with a long-term health condition which may be stopping you from doing the things you want to in life.

At Healthwatch Bucks we are always interested in ideas that help people stay well or improve their life. So, we have checked out for you the website at

You should give it a try and tell us what you think about it. Did it help? Did it tell you something new? Will you keep following the advice offered? Did you contact a Live Well Stay Well Coach and were they able to advise on your situation?

The website invites you to sign up and provide personalised but confidential information about you and your lifestyle. You’ll find that it asks quite a few questions before suggesting some ways forward. It covers subjects such as getting more active, healthy eating, long-term condition support, managing Type 2 Diabetes, reducing alcohol, stopping smoking and dealing with stress or worry. It also asks about your medical history as well as you height, weight and lifestyle before coming up with suggestions.

The organisers say that they’re not interested in the latest fad diet, cutting out your favourite food or drink or wearing you out in the gym. And that was our impression when we tried the site, but we want to know what difference this new service is making for you.

If Live Well Stay Well is a success than perhaps we will all be able to make better use of the clinical services on offer to us in the county when we need them.

Published on 16 Jul, 2018

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