It is depressing to only hear about the negative aspects of the NHS from the main news programs without any balance being given to the excellent work carried out by the NHS.

In January 2018 I was successfully discharged from the Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme, so I would like to put on record my thanks and admiration for the care that I received from the Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust and in particular the Wycombe General Hospital and South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust.

On morning in September 2017, around 7.00 am, I suffered a heart attack. I collapsed and was unconscious for about 30 seconds. I called the 111 service and within 2 minutes they summoned an ambulance, which arrived within approximately 15 minutes. Two delightful paramedics administered medication and undertook an ECG which confirmed my condition.

They called the cardiologist at Wycombe hospital to discuss my case and he agreed to see me immediately. The paramedics helped me downstairs and into the ambulance. Through their care and attention I arrived safely at Wycombe hospital at 8.00 am. I was rushed straight into the operating theatre, where the cardiac team were waiting for me.

The cardiologist talked me through the whole procedure and after one and half hours, when 7 stents were inserted, I was placed in the recovery ward. What he and his team accomplished was nothing short of remarkable. His skill was just amazing and I am deeply indebted to him and his team.

I was then treated to a wonderful warm reception by the staff on the recovery ward and looked after very well. I was able to eat quite quickly and enjoyed the food that I had chosen. The following afternoon I was discharged.

I was enrolled into the Cardiac Rehabilitation Course at the hospital. All the staff were good humoured, caring and thoughtful. Very quickly I started to gain confidence. As a result of their education, I have radically altered my diet and continual exercise has been reinforced.

What a journey, one which I would rather not have had, but arrived safely at my destination as a result of the professionalism, expertise, care and dedication of the staff at every level that I came into contact.

My sincere thanks to everyone in the NHS who helped me on my journey.


Would you like to know more about the support available around long hospital stays? You can find out about support on return to home, and transport to and from the hospital on our signposting page.

Published on 17 Jul, 2018 (updated 30 Oct, 2018)

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