The following is an excerpt from Healthwatch Bucks formal response to the Outcomes Framework published on Let’s Talk Health Bucks website. The Outcomes Framework is a new assessment framework that has been developed to assess Bucks health care services. This says what you should expect from the services you receive.

“We were pleased to note that this Outcomes Framework had been developed with members of the community. We also believe there are some valuable statements within the document.

Our detailed comments are as follows:

Patients and Public – If, as stated, this outcomes framework will be used to measure how well service providers do their work, it would help to understand why there are statements about how patients and the public should act. For example:

We will seek to make only reasonable demands of the health service

Outcome definition and measurement – an outcome is the result of an action or intervention. The statements we see here are statements of intent:

The health system will reflect the needs of those providing as well as those receiving care

 All those who provide treatment, wherever they are based, must be committed to long term teamwork and continuity in the patient’s best interest.

Or in some cases general statements of principle:

Being well is more than simply not being well

Staying well is the favourite option

We don’t believe that people will disagree with the statements. However, these statements do not constitute measurable outcomes. If they are to be used as a basis for measuring how well service providers do, further explanation needs to be provided as to how they are going to be translated into practical qualitative or quantitative measurements that service providers can use to improve their services and be held to account against.”

To read the full response, click on A Healthwatch Bucks Response



Published on 5 Apr, 2018 (updated 24 Apr, 2018)

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