How Bucks healthcare services are assessed is due to change.  Local people are now being asked to comment on a new assessment framework.  This says what you should expect from the services you receive.  It’s called an ‘outcomes framework’.

The consultation has been issued by the Bucks Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). These are the organisations who decide what healthcare services are needed in Bucks and find the right organisations to provide them.  The Groups have already consulted community volunteers in drawing up the framework.

What can you do?

We think it is really important this framework reflects what the residents of Bucks think. The measures will be used in the future to help make sure you get what you want out of services provided in Bucks. Here are some questions to think about as you read them:

  • Do they reflect what you want to see as a result of a visit to a service (the outcomes)?
  • Can the people providing the services be measured against them?
  • Do you think they are clear and understandable?

At Healthwatch Bucks we think there are lots of important statements here.  And the principles described, such as ‘close to my community’ are great. There are also some clear measurable items such as ‘prompt access to patient/user records’.

Our feedback tells us that what patients are interested in when it comes to their care is often practical for example timely access to appointments, prompt access to investigations, a clear jointly agreed care plan, and getting back to normal life.

What do you think? You can let the CCG know by visiting the consultation page.

Published on 27 Mar, 2018

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