The King’s Fund has published results from their survey on public attitudes towards the NHS.

The project explores the changing relationship between the public and the NHS, as the NHS approaches its 70th birthday.

It asks questions such as:

  • what do the public think the NHS is for?
  • how has this changed over time?
  • what drives the relationship between the NHS and the public?
  • are public expectations changing?
  • where does the balance of responsibility for health lie between the NHS and the individual?

Quick summary

Below is a brief summary of the key messages from this piece.

  • 77% of the public believe the NHS should be maintained in its current form. This level of
    support has remained consistent over almost two decades despite widespread social,
    economic and political change.
  • While some people (29%) say decisions about the availability of treatments and services
    should be left to qualified health professionals, 56 per cent at least want to be consulted
    and a minority (14%) want to be actively involved. This underlines the importance of
    engaging the public and ensuring that service changes are supported and led by clinicians.
  • 65% believe that keeping healthy is primarily down to the individual, with just 7% placing
    this responsibility with the NHS. While this only skims the surface of a very complex issue, it suggests there is a debate to be had about what people can expect from the NHS and their obligations in return.
  • Black and minority ethnic respondents (BME) are more likely than white respondents
    (including non-British white) to feel that the general public should be much more actively involved in shaping decisions.

What do you think?

Let us know what you think about the questions The Kingsfund project asks and tell us how you think you’re own local services are performing by leaving a review and rating on our website.

You can also visit The Kingsfund website to learn about the project in more detail.

Published on 3 Oct, 2017

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