In April 2017 we released our Annual Dignity in Care Report. In June we received the response below from the Quality in Care Team at Buckinghamshire County Council.

Thank you for your correspondence and your Dignity in Care Annual Report, based on the Enter and View visits undertaken in adult care homes in Buckinghamshire last year – I found this work useful and would like to discuss with you how we can build on the project in 2017.

In reply to your recommendations to the Council I would like to reply:

  1.  Create more opportunities for care home staff to network – we are intending to review by the autumn training courses we make available to care home staff. This is to ensure providers have access to development opportunities but crucially also that their employees are able to have interaction with a wider group of carers and professionals.
  2. Compile a directory of third sector and other groups who can offer support to care homes– we would agree that the provision of and making accessible information for families and carers is an important role for local authorities and offering direction to resources for providers is a useful suggestion. We will look at how we can progress both actions next year.

More generally I would like to say we support your suggestions to care homes that they encourage all their staff to engage with involving service users with activities and participation within the care home and will look to how we can promote this with providers.

We are pleased that the Council have taken our recommendations into consideration for 2018 and will continue to monitor progress to evaluate actions and impact.

Published on 24 Jul, 2017

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