In April 2017 we released our Dads and Maternity: Partner Experience report. In June we received the following response to our recommendations from the Chief Midwife at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

1. Partners should be encouraged to give feedback about their birth experience


  • Add feedback section to birth reflection form for partners
  • Enquire in real time for feedback from partners on the antenatal and postnatal ward
  • Invite a range of partners to share their story either written or on film for sharing with all midwives  and Bucks maternity forum

Lead: Patient Experience Midwife, Governance Lead Midwife


2. The time of ante-natal classes should be reviewed to make sure they are accessible to those unable to take time off work easily


  • Review antenatal education class schedule and seek opportunities for evening classes

Lead: Parent Education Lead


3. The profile of those attending ante-natal classes should be reviewed and, where it does not align with the ethnic profile of those giving birth, measures should be put in place to encourage take up across all ethnic groups


  • Promotion of antenatal classes to all women and families via community midwife
  • Collate equality and diversity profile of antenatal class attendees for period of 3 months to identify areas for focused approach to increasing uptake of classes by all ethnic groups
  • Gain feedback from partners in the clinical environments regarding what they would like in relation to antenatal education provision

Lead: Community Matron, Parent Education lead, Patient Experience Midwife


4. Material provided before, during and after birth should be reviewed and where appropriate should be targeted at partners


  • Strengthen existing website information for partners, including links to useful apps and websites aimed at partners
  • Promote baby buddy and bounty app ( whilst aimed at women they have useful information for partners)
  • Ensure revised leaflets are inclusive of partners

Lead: Consultant Midwife, Bucks Maternity Forum


5. Processes should be put in place/reviewed to ensure that if partners are left alone with a new baby practical and emotional support is available – or partners know where to find it


  • Raised awareness on labour ward of care needs of partners when mother in theatre
  • Review antenatal education classes content to ensure provision of information specifically for  partners regarding their role
  • Strengthen maternity pages of Trust website to include NHS approved guides to baby care, partners advisory apps
  • Promote baby buddy app and bounty app to women and families
  • Promote Trust website and NHS Choices website

Lead: Consultant Midwife, Parent Education Lead


6.  Midwives should if necessary clarify with partners that any advice they give is professional rather than personal, to avoid any element of doubt


  • Communication to all midwives via email, practice development newsletter and staff meetings regarding the essential nature of clarifying that advice given is professional
  • Communication to all midwives via email, practice development newsletter and staff meetings that as a midwife, advice given should be professional not personal

Lead: Head Of Midwifery, Team Leaders/Line Managers


7. Further work should be done to look more specifically at differing partner requirements,for example same-sex partners, ethnic minority partners

  • Engage Bucks Maternity Forum with support from the CCG in focused outreach work to gain feedback all  groups of partners in order to ensure equality of service provision
  • Introduce role of partner in all emergency drills and skills scenarios

Lead: Bucks Maternity Forum, Practice Development Team 

This represents one of the best responses to our recommendations so far and we are delighted by the outcome. We will be meeting with the Head of Midwifery and Gynecology in early October to discuss the progress of the actions.

Published on 24 Jul, 2017

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