We wanted to engage with people with a learning disability to understand their views on the Annual Health Checks.

What we did

We commissioned Talkback to engage with people with a learning disability to understand their views.

Talkback is a user led organisation for people with a learning disability and autism.  It achieves its aims through supporting people to express a real voice in choice and decision making and in creating safe and positive learning environments. 


The project looked at four areas:

  • Awareness – what do people know about the Annual Health Check
  • Communication – how are people told about the Annual Health Check
  • Barriers – why don’t people attend the Annual Health Check
  • Experience, outcome and evaluations – what people thought about the Annual Health Check


In Buckinghamshire, there are an estimated 5870 adults with learning disabilities, aged 18-64 years. Whilst life expectancy is increasing for people with mild learning disabilities, the mortality rates among people with moderate to severe learning disabilities are three times higher than in the general population.

We know that in Buckinghamshire adults with learning disabilities, particularly those living independently, are not accessing their Annual Health Checks.

We also know that accessing the Annual Health Check provides many benefits for people with learning disabilities. It often uncovers treatable health conditions as well as serious illnesses, such as cancer, which could be treated if found at an early stage.  The Annual Health Check is also a chance for the person to get used to going to their GP practice, which reduces their fear of going at other times.

What will we do?

The findings have been shared with the Clinical Commissioning Group and Bucks County Council. We will work with them and particularly the Transforming Care Partnership Group to understand how they will be taken forward by them or with individual surgeries as appropriate.

What can you do?

We’re always looking for feedback. You can share your experience of Annual Health Checks here on the website.


Staying healthy: report on accessing Annual Health Checks 

Published on 22 Jun, 2017 (updated 10 Jul, 2019)

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