Trainee decorating a biscuitThe course was for care home staff who look after residents living with learning disabilities and/or dementia. Sequence Care staff, who have a lot of experience working with those living with complex needs, delivered an interesting, interactive day.

We began with a definition of what ‘occupation’ is and how we humans need a functional purpose to our lives. We went on to look at the occupational science behind meaningful activities. Humans ‘move to occupy themselves’. We need enjoyment and fun, to build and maintain independence and skills, to take care of ourselves as well as having a sense of well-being.

Trainer speaking to three traineesAfter a couple of group activities, including one illustrating, via the medium of decorating biscuits, how a task can be made simple or more difficult, we looked at the benefits for everyone. Discussion also moved onto how meaningful activities don’t always need a budget. Residents can be involved in helping in the home as well as in more formal activities. Care homes can ask charity shops for help, look on Freegle as well as approach supermarkets who often have champions looking to donate to their community.


Very informative and important to my daily work. I will use most of what I have learnt

Overall a very good & engaging course

Thank you everyone who came along on the day for their time and contributions. It was great to meet you all.

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