On 13th October we held our first workshop with 14 managers, activity coordinators and other staff who work in care homes across Buckinghamshire. Following our visits to care homes looking at dignity in care we saw there was an opportunity to bring together people to share good practice with regard to meaningful activities. We have seen some care homes where a great deal of thought is put into looking at what every individual would like to do and others where there is little activity of any kind.

The workshop started off with a discussion about what we all think is meant by a “meaningful activity”. Then, people started to share what worked for them and what issues they were facing. As we expected, care home staff were very ready to help each other and look at new ideas.

As the workshop came to a close, everyone shared the practical ideas they were going take forward as a result of the evening. One of the comments shared was “We’re going to network more with other homes to share good practice; we’ve learnt quite a lot this evening.” Several attendees were swapping contact details and arranging to meet up. Two homes realised that a couple of their residents were friends but had been split up when their ‘original’ home had closed. The managers agreed to ensure these friends could meet up in the near future. Other attendees said they would talk to management about being less risk adverse and ask staff to be “less helpful”; the aim being to enable residents to be as independent as they want to rather than having everything done for them even if they’d prefer to do it themselves.

We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who attended and that we’ll be in touch to see how your new ideas have taken effect.

Published on 19 Oct, 2016

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One comment on "Care homes come together to discuss meaningful activities"

  • Healthwatch Bucks replied on 27th October 2016

    This is a great idea, well done! I wonder if it might be possible for one or two relatives (or better still, representatives of relatives’ groups) to attend such meetings as well? Or at least to feed in suggestions for possible activities that perhaps haven’t been considered.

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