Earlier this week our CEO, Thalia Jervis attended a meeting of the Health and Adult Care Social Care Select Committee (HASC).  This is one of the key meetings in Health and Social Care in Buckinghamshire.  The role of the HASC is to hold decision-makers to account for improving outcomes and services for Buckinghamshire.  It has the power to scrutinise all issues in relation to Health and Adult Social Care.  Healthwatch plays an active role as a member of the HASC in it seeking to ensure that the views of the people of Buckinghamshire are reflected as part of the scrutiny process with an emphasis on patient involvement and participation.

This week the focus was on the Strategic Transformation Plan.  These are plans that seek to introduce place based planning across the NHS.  Buckinghamshire is working with Oxfordshire and Berkshire West to see where working together can make a positive difference to the delivery of health and social care.

The Strategic Transformation plan builds on previous work done in Buckinghamshire.  A real focus of work going forwards will be on giving patients control of their health and enabling them to be treated as close to home as possible through a community hub system which will brings together healthcare workers across sectors to provide a set of services which can be tailored to local needs. Plans are being developed to engage local residents in how this is taken forward – and Healthwatch Bucks has been invited to comment on these.

Healthwatch Bucks offered to support the process by providing an independent insight into the patient experience and whether patient needs were being met.  Healthwatch also encouraged a focus on getting the administration right – as we know that that is what we get the most feedback about from you.

To find out more about the role of the HASC and its work schedule click here- https://democracy.buckscc.gov.uk/mgCommitteeDetails.aspx?ID=137



Published on 21 Oct, 2016 (updated 11 Apr, 2018)

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