We’re delighted to hear the news today that NHS England plans to invest an additional £2.4 billion into GP practices per year by 2021.

If you have read any of our monthly Voices reports you’ll know that GP services are, by some distance, the service about which we receive the most feedback from people in Bucks. We are frequently asked what we do with this information. Healthwatch Bucks has a seat at a number of tables and when asked about feedback from the public we always say that appointments and waiting times are the issues we hear about most often. The reaction from the others at table is almost always “we know!” The lack of investment in GPs is a well-recognised concern, not least amongst GPs themselves. We recently met with Dr Gill Beck, the Chair of Bucks Local Medical Committee, who explained how the Carr Hill Formula already means that Bucks GPs receive funding below the national average to provide health care for patients.

Published today the General Practice Forward View contains specific, practical and, most importantly, funded steps to:

  • strengthen the workforce in and around GP Surgeries;
  • drive efficiencies in workload;
  • modernise infrastructure and technology;
  • redesign the way modern primary care is offered to patients.

Referring to the document, the Head of NHS England, Simon Stevens, said

rather than ignore these real pressures, the NHS has at last begun openly acknowledging them. Now we need to act, and this plan sets out exactly how.

If you’d like to tell us about your experiences of using GP Services, please use the search below:

Published on 21 Apr, 2016 (updated 11 Feb, 2020)

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