Last month I wrote an article which broke down some of the mumbo-jumbo words that health and social care services use, now I am back with Part 2!

Primary Care Services – these are services such as your GP, dentist, pharmacist and optometrist. These are usually the services you use first before accessing or being referred to hospital, hence the word primary.

Wellbeing – you have probably seen this phrase being used over and over again in the media and online, but what is wellbeing? Searching on google it produces the definition: ‘the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy’. When used in the health and social care setting it basically means being both physiologically (your body) and mentally (your mind) healthy. The World Health Organisation also defines it as being socially well, more than just free of disease. I would translate this as having good relationships and being active.

Outpatient Services – I realise that in my last article I was guilty of using jargon myself! Outpatient clinics are predominantly based in hospitals but it can be any facility which does not require you to stay overnight for treatment. Treatments at outpatient clinics include physiotherapy and a wide variety of scans.

MIIU/MIU – Minor Injuries and Illness Unit is often referred to as an MIU which can make it doubly confusing.  There is a big push for people to attend an MIIU rather than A&E if their injury is not life threatening (such as broken bones and small wounds). The MIIU in Buckinghamshire is at Wycombe Hospital.

CAMHS – stands for ‘Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service’ which provides the help, support and treatment for those with mental health illnesses up the age of 18. They also help to support the family of the person having mental health difficulties. Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust have taken over the running of Bucks CAMHS and more information can be found on their new website.

Published on 11 Jan, 2016 (updated 21 Oct, 2016)

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