On Wednesday 20th May we officially launched our film ‘Don’t Forget about Us’; Young Voices of Buckinghamshire speak up about health and social care at Chiltern Youth Projects in Amersham. Little is known about what numbers of young people use Health and Social Care services in Buckinghamshire, and young people do not often get the chance to share what they think or their experiences with an independent body such as Healthwatch Bucks.

With our partners, Community Impact Bucks and their mobile multimedia studio i-Van, we filmed young people attending seven youth club nights with Chiltern Youth Projects during February and March.

Katherine Rideout from Chiltern Youth Projects said:

It’s not often that there are opportunities and channels for those opinions to be heard by people who really can make a difference and have an influence on things such as the services that affect them so we would really like to thank Healthwatch Bucks for inviting us to take part in this film, it’s been a fantastic opportunity and we would just like to say thank you because it’s given a great platform for these young voices to be heard.

The main findings that came from the filming project were:

  • Many young people think that the NHS does not provide enough services to support young people; they felt that the availability of more services would reduce long waiting times.
  • Many young people are hesitant to go to their GP for fear of judgement, embarrassment or the fear they will share information with someone else.
  • There was praise for nursing staff, particularly in the areas of diabetics and paediatrics.
  • With emergency incidents involving young people with mental health issues often happening overnight, many of the young people and youth workers felt that long waiting times and lack if resolution were extremely detrimental and inappropriate.
  • More support needs to be provided for young people who have been discharged from mental hospitals.

Thanks go to i-Van mobile media studio and Chiltern Youth Projects.

Published on 21 May, 2015 (updated 26 Jun, 2018)

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