Talkback LogoWe wanted to give this group of people the opportunity to have a real say into the services that are provided and to showcase this through a ‘Talkback paper roll’. By conducting 3 separate meetings in Amersham and High Wycombe we could give people a sense of being a part of their local community, empowering them to take responsibility for their lives and to begin to recognise when things aren’t going so well. We also wanted to encourage people to share their stories and experiences with the right support.

We found that:

  • the majority of participants in the groups felt that they knew the difference between Health Services and Social Care services
  • participants said that they valued their Social Care services as it gave them the chance to meet others, to talk to someone about any issues that were bothering them, take part in valued activities, feel a part of the local community and share experiences with like minded people.
  • participants seemed to identify Social Care services as Day Services and care managers or social workers.
  • One very important factor in supporting people to understand their own health is through the Health Passport. People are supported to fill them in and by doing this conversations about health take place and people start to learn about the things they can do in order to stay healthy and monitor their own health.

You can read more in the report below.


What people with learning disabilities think about services

Published on 1 Apr, 2014 (updated 26 Jun, 2018)

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