That was the main finding in a report published 12 December 2013 by the Care Quality Commission.

The report, which is based on inspections at about 1,000 doctors’ practices across England, found that many people received excellent service. However, it also uncovers examples of very poor care that puts patients at risk.

We would like to know your opinion of how the GP surgeries in Buckinghamshire are performing. Are ours among those which provide high quality service or do we have some that are not up to standard?  Tell us about your experiences

In the national survey, the inspectors found nine practices where there “were very serious failings that could potentially affect thousands of people” and in 90 practices, follow-up inspections had to be ordered to ensure improvements were made.

This report came on the same day that the new chief inspector of general practice set out a new approach for inspecting and regulating GPs and out-of-hours services.

The new-style inspections will start in April 2014 and involve an inspector from the Care Quality Commission, a GP, a practice nurse or practice manager and a trainee GP. Healthwatch Bucks believes that the inspection team should also include an ordinary member of the public who can see the practice from the viewpoint of those who use the health services.

Inspectors will visit every clinical commissioning group area in the England area once every six months, inspecting a quarter of the practices in that area with every practice inspected by April 2016 and given ratings in a similar way to that which Ofsted does for schools.


A fresh start for the regulation and inspection of GP practices and GP out-of-hours services (CQC)

Published on 12 Dec, 2013 (updated 11 Feb, 2020)

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